EOF-Library is simulation software for complex multiphysics industrial optimization problems

Main applications

How it works?

  • Engineer creates 3D computational model (so-called “digital twin”)
  • Simulation software predicts the outcome faster and cheaper than physical prototyping
  • Models can be easily changed at any step
  • As a result you get faster, more efficient and reliable process or device

Consulting Services

It might be tempting to try an open-source software as an alternative to commercial software to solve a unique problem, save costs or reduce computation time. For some applications it can outperform commercial alternatives in terms of performance and accuracy, while also being the best option for high performance and cloud computing.

With all the great benefits, be prepared for steep learning curve! For experienced simulation specialists it takes weeks to learn a new software and months until he/she can adopt existing routines and develop new modules.

Weight carefully whether it is worth investing months of your specialist time to achieve result that can be done in two weeks with our help. Focus on what you’re good at and let us help with physics, software and interpretation.