EOF-Library multiphysics modelling software is used for coupling electromagnetics, fluid dynamics and heat transfer.

Main applications

Multiphysics modelling software EOF-Library - CFD coupled with electromagnetics

Any combination between OpenFOAM and Elmer FEM solvers is possible.

Our competencies

1. Complete R&D

  • We can solve your engineering problem, develop a new technology or optimize an existing technology

2. Simple GUI interface tailored for a specific problem

  • We will provide you with multiphysics modelling software, a demonstration model and support.
  • Your engineer will be able to upload 3D CAD geometry into the software.
  • Numerical simulation will predict the outcome of your process/device faster and will be cheaper than physical prototyping.
  • Your engineer will be able to change the model/geometry at any step.
  • As a result, you will get a faster, more efficient and more reliable process or device.

3. Consulting services

EOF Consulting provides multiphysics modelling software and support. We are a group of talented young physicists with software development skills and a passion for our work. We know how to use EOF-Library in the most efficient way, guaranteeing the best results for our clients.

Multiphysics modelling software and support, complete R&D cycle

It might be tempting to try an open-source software as an alternative to commercial software to solve a unique problem, save costs or reduce computation time. For some applications open-source software outperforms commercial alternatives in terms of performance and accuracy, while also being the best option for high-performance and cloud computing.

With all these great benefits, be prepared fora steep learning curve! It takes weeks for experienced simulation specialists to learn a new software and months until they can adopt existing routines and develop new modules.

Carefully consider whether it is worth investing months of valuable time to achieve result that you can get in two weeks with our help. Focus on what you’re good at and let us help with physics, software and interpretation.