EOF-Library, logo
EOF-Library software the first time was released in 2016 as a simulation tool for metallurgical applications. It quickly became clear that the software is one of the best tools for complex industrial magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) problems involving electromagnetic, fluid and thermal coupling.
CSC - IT Center for Science, partner
Very soon, the main developer Juris Vencels established a collaboration with Elmer FEM developers from CSC – IT Center for Science Ltd. They are source code contributors to EOF-Library as well.
HPC-Europa3 project, supporter
EU-funded projects such as HPC-Europa3 have funded research visits and thereby contributed to the development of the software.
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, partner
In 2019 it appeared evident that many applications other than MHD could benefit from coupled Elmer FEM and OpenFOAM simulation packages. Collaboration with VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland was established in the field of convective cooling of electrical machines. This work is still in progress.
Juris Vencels, EOF-Library developer, researcher
In 2019 Juris Vencels starts a consulting company EOF Consulting to further develop, attract funds and promote EOF-Library. He received his M.Sc from KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden) and has spent about a year as a visiting researcher at Los Alamos National Lab (USA). The first author for many research publications.